Nooka App for iOS: The 99 Cent Nooka Watch

Clock apps for iOS are nothing new, but the unique style of Nooka watches allows their new app to showcase how you can tell time on a number of different Nooka products. The Nooka app displays time in a variety of face designs, including Nooka’s zot, zenh or zirc face modes.

nooka watch app 1

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Zub Zibi Zirc Watch: A Nooka Watch Not Just for Guys

Nooka definitely make some cool digital watches. They combine design with a sort of minimalistic appeal. This new one, the Zub Zibi Zirc, fits snug and has an very simple profile. I think from its looks, it’s intended to appeal to a different customer than their other watches, which have a tendency to be fairly masculine in style.

nooka zub zibi zirc 01

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Best Tech-Infused Watches to Geek Out to

Some might say that watches are devices that are dying, but for people who don’t care much for using their smartphones to tell the time, having a decent watch makes sense. These watches feature a bit of technology, to make them stand out from the crowd. While they aren’t a total geek-fest, you’ll be happy to discover what they can do.

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Nooka Zizm zenH: Refracted Crystal Lens Distorts Time

Nooka’s new Zizm zenH watch not only has a weird name, but looks pretty strange at first glance, because that’s when you realize that something crazy is going on with the watch’s crystal. Once you get past this, the face is pretty familiar if you know Nookas.


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Nooka Zub Zoo 40 Watch: Lets You Swap Bands on the Fly

Nooka just released an update to their Zub Zoo LCD watch. They’re calling it the Zub Zoo 40 and it’s got an interesting feature, which makes it very easy to swap out bands. This means that you can customize them quite easily.

nooka zub zoo 40 watches design style timepiece

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Nooka Zub Zayu: The Truly Ambidextrous Watch

Stylish watches aren’t just made in Japan. That’s what Nooka has proven time and time again. Their latest watch is called the Zub Zayu and I have to say that it looks pretty unique.

watch nooka zub zayu japan

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