Radioactive Isotopes Hint At North Korean Nuclear Tests


While it’s far from conclusive, an analysis of radioisotope data indicates that North Korea may have conducted two nuclear weapons tests in 2010. The claim has drawn some skepticism from nuclear weapons experts, but if this is confirmed, it would double the number of tests the country has conducted and infer that North Korea is trying to develop warheads for its nuclear arsenal.

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4 Days in North Korea

Sarah Wang spent four days in North Korea. No internet, no phones, no TV. When Wang drew a picture of a banana, a North Korean waitress didn’t know what it was. She knew of apples, but had never eaten one. Sounds bleak.

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Captured Journalists Freed From North Korea Thanks To President Clinton

In an almost Jack Bauer-like 20-hour negotiation effort with the North Koreans, President Bill Clinton managed to get the two American journalists, who were sentenced to 12 years in a hard labor camp in June, freed. Ok, maybe he isn’t Jack Bauer since he didn’t kill anyone, but President Clinton sure has got the ultimate ninja-diplomatic negotiation skills. I couldn’t see former President Bush do anything like that!

Beauty In North Korea’s Mass Dances

One among 100,000 North Korean dancers at the Mass Games
One among 100,000 North Korean dancers at the Mass Games

The Vice Guide To North Korea

An interesting look into North Korea by Vice TV.