Sony VAIO AW Series: When Ultraportables Aren’t Big Enough

Imagine yourself sitting there working on your laptop. Do you ever get the feeling that it’s not big enough? Sure you do! Now if you are using a 17″ desktop replacement laptop, you’re in a pickle. Worry no more, because Sony is coming to your rescue with its 18.4″ monster.

How To: Make Your Own 9 Cell Laptop battery


One of the main reasons in choosing the right laptop is finding one that has decent battery life. Any road warrior will tell you that plugging that electricity guzzler of a laptop isn’t always easy on the go. Sure, there are outlets available, but they aren’t always free or in the same area.

The Tech Guy, a user of the MSI Wind forum, has decided that he had enough of the puny battery life of his MSI Wind subnotebook. With a 3 cell battery, it sports a dreary 1 hour 40 minutes of battery life.

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Moresukine is a weekly webcomic from Dirk Schwieger that has been recently compiled into a book (via moleskinerie)

New Moleskine Art Blogs

Here are a few new moleskine blogs that I’ve started reading:

Unstringing the Bow Tim Schuman’s blog
Mattias Inks Mattias A’s blog
Diburros Marcelo Braga’s blog
‘Skine Art features new notebook art from different artists