Smartphone Notebook 2 for iPhone 4/4S: Unexpectedly Useful?

The Smartphone Notebook 2 from the Korean studio Nothing Design Group integrates your iPhone with a notebook – but I’m not talking about a laptop – it’s a paper-based notebook that has a special notch carved into all of its pages so that your iPhone can be cradled inside of it.

smartphone notebook 01

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Nothing Design’s i-Handbag: Nothing But a Tiny Purse for Your Smartphone

Ladies, when you’re out and about, it’s just no fun to fumble for your phone in your purse. That’s why the Nothing Design Group came up with this interesting take on a smartphone case: it combines a case with a little clutch handbag, making life a little more streamlined for women who love their smartphones.

nothing design group i-handbag iphone smartphone minimal

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