Death Star Cake Destroyed the Alderaan Cake

This Star Wars-themed cake sets itself apart from all of the others that I’ve seen thanks to a blinking LED that takes the place of the planet-destroying laser. The rest of it is edible, from the base to the to TIE Fighters.

death star wars cake luke darth vader rachel linhart

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Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon: The Dark Side Feels Light-Headed

While I’ve always liked Darth Vader, I don’t think I ever would have thought about creating a hot air balloon out of his helmet. That’s what Belgian balloonists Benoit and Michel Lambert did when they commissioned Cameron Balloons to build this Darth Vader Balloon, after getting the official approval of Lucasfilm.

darth vader balloon hot air star wars michael benoit lambert

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Irrational Numbers Clock is Perfectly Rational (If You’re a Mathematician)

The Irrational Numbers Clock is slightly more complicated that the Unit Circle Radian Wall Clock. Also, the fact that it looks like a blackboard has a certain scholarly appeal. While I am a mathematician, anyone with high-school math should be able to read this clock. That’s not because they’ll know what all these irrational numbers are, it’s just that all you just need to do is look at the position of the hands to figure out the time.

irrational numbers clock math wall fun novelty

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2,000-Pound Transformers Cake: Autocakebot

While Transformers cakes are nothing new, there’s got to be something strange going on in the heads of people behind this humongous cake. This gigantic Transformers cake was made to celebrate Michael Bay’s upcoming Tranformers: Dark of Moon movie, which comes out in a few days. It weighs about 2,000 pounds and is shaped like a Chevy Camaro.

transformers cake bumblebee buddy valastro novelty dark of moon

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Super Mario Bros. Cake Celebrates 25 Years of Mario

Nintendo just revealed this awesome Super Mario Bros. cake during the game’s 25th anniversary celebration in New York. I can say that this is the perfect way to celebrate all those years of playing Mario games in their different incarnations over the years.

super mario bros cake shigeru miyamoto video games

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Grilled Sausage Scented iPhone Soap: WTF?

Sure, the iPhone is a great smartphone, so I guess it’s kind of fun to make a soap that looks like one, but why in the world would you make it smell like grilled sausage? In fact, would anyone use grilled sausage scented soap?

iphone game boy soap novelty twoeggplants

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200lb. Octopus Cake: Cthulhu Would Approve

This crazy looking 200-pound cake looks like an octopus. While I rarely eat any cakes, this gigantic one made me smile, and mutter a prayer to the almighty Cthulhu!

cthulhu octopus head cake karen portaleo

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Twitter Mug: Custom Mug From Twitter Profile Pics

Nope, this mug won’t tweet for you, but it will show off all the people you follow on Twitter.


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