NPR’s Top 100 Science-Fiction & Fantasy 2011

Check out NPR’s listing of the top 100 science-fiction and fantasy books submitted by fans. Out of these 100 books or series of books, I have read 48. There’s another 10 or so that I am planning on reading, that I already have in ebook or book format.

There are some of my favorite authors missing from this list. One of the most important, at least in my opinion, in science-fiction is Alastair Reynolds. House of Suns and Pushing Ice are great for people wanting to try him out with standalone novels, but the Revelation Space novels are incredible. Even though Iain Banks is on the list with his Culture series, one of his best novels, Transition, is missing. Peter F. Hamilton is also missing with his Void Trilogy.

The ones marked in bold after the jump are the books that I have read.

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9 Year Old Cheese Heroin Addicts

9 year old cheese heroin addicts on NPR. Cheese heroin is Mexican black-tar heroin that has been diluted with crushed tablets of over-the-counter sleep medication such as Tylenol PM. (via kottke)