Magic Numpad Magically Transforms Magic Trackpad into Magic Numeric Keyboard

If you’re a Mac user and you yearn to use a numeric keypad, then look no further. Mobee’s Magic Numpad might look flimsy, but it will transform your Apple Magic Trackpad into a numeric keypad thanks to the accompanying software.


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Cropmark Bluetooth Numeric Keypad Matches Your Mac

While I’ve always enjoyed a full keyboard, switching to a smaller one for my Mac hasn’t been a big issue. I can learn to live without a numeric keypad, although I’d rather not. If you’re like me, then you’ll probably be happy to hear that Cropmark’s numeric keypad is now available and perfectly matches your Apple gear.


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Look! Turn Your iPhone into a Numeric Keypad

One of the annoying things of having a modern laptop is that you’re stuck without a numeric keypad. Some power users used to purchase the giant 17″ notebooks just to get the numeric keypad. There are small add-on keypads that you can use, but they aren’t as sweet as this new iPhone app. If you have a MacBook or a MacBook Pro, you can now get the Balmuda Numberkey iPhone Numeric Keyboard, a perfect app for people needing a numeric keypad.