New York City & Their Bagels

Simon Waxman takes on NYC’s Bagel Supermacy at McSweeney’s

8-Bit City Maps: More Interesting (and More Pixel-y) Than Google Maps

This 8-bit map of New York City was made by Brett Camper for the 8-Bit Cities project. The goal is not to make your city look like a video game map, but to make it feel less foreign and more familiar.

8-bit cities new york city maps

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Steampunk Jewelry: Gears For Geeks

Naturally, these cool pieces of handmade jewelry aren’t for everyone, but the steampunk allure that maker Ricky Wolbrom injects into her designs is kind of amazing if you are into the retro-mechanical look.


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No More Laptops In Coffee Shops

More and more coffee shops in NYC are politely shoving laptops users out of the door. Gone are the days when you can lounge in a coffee shop, using the free WiFi. Some coffee shops no longer tolerate laptops. Others have covered up their outlets in an attempt to send laptop users away.

Personally, I never freeload WiFi in coffee shops. I can spend a few hours in one if I’m reading a book. I tend to leave my laptop at work. At school, I have it with me and we usually have cheap/free access.

Guerilla Beekeepers in New York City

Beekeeping is illegal in NYC. That hasn’t stopped bee enthusiasts from keeping bees. I think that it’s a fabulous idea, especially in the wake of the collapsing colony disorder that has been plaguing the world.

Catching Up on Damages

Damages intertitle via Wikipedia
Damages intertitle via Wikipedia

I never finished watching the first season of Damages on FX. I’m taking the opportunity during the holidays to do as much. The show’s main story involves a discontinuity. I’m at episode 10 and we still don’t know what exactly happened to Ellen Parsons and to Patti Hewes at her apartment.

I feel that this is the sole part of the show that is a bit annoying. The writers feed you only drops, sometimes these drops or tidbits of story are also repeated to extend the duration, because there is no way that something like this could span a whole season otherwise. I think that the writers didn’t complexify this discontinuity enough. In episode 10, we know more about what happened after this event than what exactly it was.

The discontinuity involves two deaths, one of David Connor, Ellen’s fiancé, and an unnamed assailant that tried to kill Ellen Parsons at Patti Hewes apartment. The police only found David Connor’s body with forensic evidence linking Parsons to the murder. Another party seems involved as well. Lila is making it look like David was cheating on Ellen with her, even though he wasn’t.

In episode 8 or 9, Hewes was shown crying at her beach house, seemingly suffering from some kind of PTSD. Later, she is shown leaving NY State. No one is aware where Hewes is. It’s apparent that Parsons and Hewes orchestrated a dénouement of sorts with the Frobischer class action lawsuit. This involved a death as well, probably Arthur’s suicide or something like that. Maybe his lawyer Ray Fisk committed suicide, since he was having a gay love affair with Gregory Malina, a man involved in the case, who could link Moore, an SEC investigator, and Frobischer.

The case is very complex and involves Hewes manipulating everyone to get Frobischer by any means necessary.