Oakley Airwave Goggles: Become the Robo Skier You’ve Always Wanted to Be

I have to admit that I didn’t think that heads-up display goggles would be initially be marketed to snowboarders, but I now look forward to having a HUD in my everyday eyewear, or on my motorcycle helmet.

oakley airwave goggle

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Getting Technical with a Back-to-School Backpack

081611_rg_PackTechTips_01.jpgWe don’t like to admit it, but summer is coming to an end in a few weeks. Soon enough, quite a few of us will be bound back for school, college, university or graduate school. Is so, you might be already looking for something new to haul around your laptop/tablet/tech, books, and class materials. But before you buy a dedicated laptop bag, check out what we’ve come up with while we were shopping for our own bag earlier today…

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Oakley Kitchen Sink In Photos

As promised, some photos I took of the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack that I got last week second hand. It’s a pretty cool back. A 17″ widescreen laptop fits in the laptop compartment. That’s pretty slick.

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More Kitchen Sink

A 17″ widescreen laptop fits easily in the Oakley Kitchen Sink. That’s pretty cool. That’s also rare. Photos are taken, they will be uploaded later in the week.

Oakley Kitchen Sink

I found an ad on tealit which mentioned an Oakley backpack for sale. It didn’t mention the model, but I called the guy. He didn’t know which model, but after a few questions I knew that it was the Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack, Oakley’s top of the line model which I have had my eye on for a few years.


Yes, years.

I spotted it when it came out and almost bought it in 2006. However, I decided that I would get more backpacker gear, from companies such as Arc’Teryx. I did get an Arc’Teryx Acrux 40. Oakley makes some nice stuff, but it’s in-between true outdoors gear and urban gear. It’s actually a lot more urban gear, when it comes to their packs, which is why I could never justify the cost of the Kitchen Sink. For the price, you can get a full on backpack from a reputable outdoor brand. Some of the Arc’Teryx packs, like the small Bora 35 and others, are available for about 150-250$. The Kitchen Sink isn’t really worth that much money in my book.

However, this was an ad for a used Kitchen Sink. It hadn’t been used much and was about a year old. I met the guy and inspected the bag. It seemed almost pristine. I bought it for 70$. That was a pretty good deal.

My wife told me that the Kitchen Sink looks like an expensive pack. It looks very sturdy. It has an expandable bottom, which is handy. It comes with a shaped top lid, where you can store glasses, shades, or multimedia gear.

There is a nifty pocket in the front which can easily house my Nikon D200. It doesn’t have any dedicated water bottle holsters per se, but it does have two large pockets on the side which are perfect for water bottles. I had no trouble fitting in 1L Camelbak bottles. I guess if you aren’t using the laptop sleeve, you could fit in a hydration bladder. I will have to try it out.