Shreddies Underwear Will Neutralize Your Farts: All Your Farts Are Belong to Us!

Everyone has gas, and it can get quite problematic when you’re in a job interview or on a first date and you let one rip. Thankfully, Shreddies, an English company, has come up with something that will neutralize all of your flatulent emissions!

shreddies flatulence absorbing underwear 620x403

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Complex Mixtures of Odors Tend to Smell Alike


Olfactory white is to smells what white noise is to sounds. To noses, it’s neither pleasant nor foul-smelling. Researchers came up with this smell during olfactory experiments.

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Cat Litter Tech: Keeping Your Home Free of Odors

032211_rg_CatLitterTech_01.jpgLet’s be honest: cat litters can get funky pretty quickly and even if they don’t, you have to change them every few days so that your place doesn’t smell. That being said, there are quite a few new ways of keeping your kitty litter smelling like roses. There’s nothing like keeping those funky odors under control, while still keeping your kitty cat happy.

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