Spending Time Online Lowers Self-Control and is Linked to Higher Debt


People tend to have less self-control when dealing with online problems and issues, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, message boards or websites. They tend to say things that would never be said face to face. Anonymity seems to be a powerful force, but many websites no longer allow this since sites like Facebook usually connect comments directly with a profile.

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How To Deal When Your Internet is Down

partly offline 091412.jpgOver the last two days, I’ve been experiencing problems with my ISP. Since I do a lot of work online, and usually my computer is running 24/7, it was somewhat shocking to realize that I had no longer easy Internet access. However, since this has happened, I’ve still been able to remain productive and spend less time online, which is a good thing in my book. More

Gmail, Google Docs & Google Calendar Go Offline

Some of these Google apps have been available offline at various times, and in limited release, but now they’re really available for everyone. You’ll need to use Google Chrome and an add-on that’s called Gmail Offline, but that’s one cool way of being able to use your Gmail pretty much in any situation.

gmail google apps docs calendar offline access

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Switching Browsers to Improve Your Daily Productivity

120710_rg_StayingUnplggd_01.jpgAs you probably know, it’s easy to waste hours a day surfing the web, checking up on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other sites instead of doing what you’re supposed to do. Most people have an intrinsic drive to procrastinate until they have to absolutely start working. There are easy ways of helping you stay productive and on target.

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Spending Time Offline

The Reality Dysfunction cover painting, part 1 of 3 of Nights Dawn
The Reality Dysfunction cover painting, part 1 of 3 of Night's Dawn

Over the last few days, I’ve spent more and more time offline. I really like it. I’ve been reading a lot and spending time with my wife.

I don’t like being constantly tethered to the internet. That’s one of the reasons why I no longer use GTalk or Y! Pager. I don’t want to waste more time online. It’s also why I don’t really check on Facebook anymore. I barely log in once every few weeks.

I’ve been reading The Naked God, the last book of Peter F. Hamilton in the Night’s Dawn trilogy. I’ve already read the trilogy. I’m just reading it again. After I finished The Temporal Void, I wanted to read his other work again. In between substituting, I’ve been getting all of the paperwork ready for the start of school. I’m actually registered for 3 1-year classes plus a colloquium. There’s a basic Mandarin class that I want to register for as well. It’s only 4 hours a week but it gives you access to two hours of private tutoring for free. I tried registering for that today, but I’ll have to go by school again tomorrow to finish that up.

It was nice having about two days off. I didn’t have to write anything either. School starts next week. It’s going to be interesting.

Google Gears And Wikipedia Offline

With the latest update to Google Gears, I’ve acutally had my FF crash multiple times while trying to access Wikipedia by using the GreaseMonkey script to take Wiki offline. I’ve disabled the scripts. No amount of tinkering made it work. Anyone else had this problem? Then again, I never used the script so it’s better left uninstalled.

Google Docs Can Be Taken Offline

It’s possible now to use Google Docs offline powered by Google Gears.

Gears Monkey Or How To Take Wikipedia Offline

I use Wikipedia all the time.

From checking out book and movie information, to researching mathematics.

It’s too bad it’s only available online.

Well that’s where you are wrong!

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