Karlsson Twin Bell Alarm Clock


There’s something about the way that an old school alarm sounds. It can wake up almost anyone. This classic looking Karlsson Twin Bell Alarm Clock comes in black, white or grey, with the rest of the clock matching. At about four inches in diameter, it’s perfect for your desk or bedside table.

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Mac OS Old School Desktop Would Look Smashing on Retina MacBook Pro

There have been other throwback GUIs in the past, but this one created by the Amsterdam-based art director Ben Vessey looks pretty cool. You can retrofy your modern Mac OS machine thanks to this set of icons and wallpapers.

mac os old school 1

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iFoolish iPhone Case: For Magna Doodle Lovers

There are plenty of iPhone cases, but this has got to be one of the most distinctive that I’ve ever seen. The iFoolish iPhone case is inspired by the Magna Doodle drawing board that almost everyone has used as a kid. They’re kind of like the analog precursors to modern-day tablets.

ifoolish iphone magna doodle case

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8-Bit City Maps: More Interesting (and More Pixel-y) Than Google Maps

This 8-bit map of New York City was made by Brett Camper for the 8-Bit Cities project. The goal is not to make your city look like a video game map, but to make it feel less foreign and more familiar.

8-bit cities new york city maps

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Phonofone II: An Old School Way to Listen to Tunes

022709_rg_phonofone_01.jpgSure, iPhone and iPod docks are a dime a dozen. But what about retro docks? Actually, this is the first time that I heard about this concept, even though we posted an image of this a year and a half ago, this newer version comes in black and has a few new features. The trick is that it uses the technology of old phonographs in order to play music in a neat way.

Perpetual Desk Calendar: Going Old School

012609_rg_perpetualcalendar_01.jpgWe are surrounded by gizmos that can do so many things. So much, that’s it’s quite refreshing to come upon something that is quite low-tech and old school, like this perpetual desk calendar. We know that you have calendars on your cell phones, on your iPods and on Google, but this is a nice way of keeping track of the date in an easy straightforward way.


For some reaon, after having seen the disapointing College, I really wanted to see Superbad again. I managed to watch it last night. It was hilarious. The dialogue between Seth and Evan was priceless. McLovin rocked and Seth drawing penises was great. If I have time, I’ll try watching Old School again.