Audi Intelligent OLED Lighting Display: Just Imagine the Repair Costs

Audi makes some pretty sleek cars, and their designs are often cutting edge, especially when you check out their new ideas about lighting technology. I’ll admit that most cars that I’ve had needed better lighting, especially when you’re driving along dark country roads, far away from the freeway.

Audi is thinking about doing away with traditional taillights and replacing them with form-fitting OLED lights instead.

audi oled technology swarm

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Futaba Flexible OLED: Are Flexible Watches & Smartphones Coming?

The current crop of smartwatches are a bit lackluster in my opinion, especially when it comes to their displays. Maybe the Futaba flexible OLED screen on display at this year’s CEATEC show will change this. This is basically a concept watch that uses a video display wrapped around your wrist.

futaba flexible oled

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Touch Skin OLED Watch Concept Changes Faces on Demand

Touch Skin is a new concept watch designed by Niels Astrup that fits in with your existing plethora of gadgets. It’s a minimal watch with a touch-sensitive screen which allows you to customize the overall look thanks to its flat OLED display.

touch skin watch oled concept

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MIT Media Lab Makes OLED Display Cubes: No Cenobites in Sight (Yet)

For some reason, whenever I see small, interesting cube-like devices, I think of the puzzle cube in Hellraiser, which is also knowns as a Lemarchand’s box. However unlike those, these ones developed by the MIT Media Lab allow you to visualize something on each of the six screens, one on each side, not open a door to Hell!

display cube block oled

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Sony’s HMZ-T1 3D Goggles: The Matrix Isn’t Far Behind

Sony just announced their first head-mounted display using OLED panels. The HMZ-T1 also offer full support for 3D movies and gaming. At just 0.7″, the OLED screens are tiny,but at 1280×720 each, they have plenty of resolution for their size. Sony says that they provide a virtual screen size of about 20-meters (~750 inches), giving you the sense of being in a movie theater, but strapped to your head.

sony hmz t1 3d goggles portable 3dtv

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Mitsubishi’s OLED Geo-Cosmos Globe: Display or Death Star?

This giant light-up disco ball is nearly 20 feet in diameter and is comprised of an astounding 10,000 OLED displays. Mitsubishi calls it their OLED Geo-Cosmos globe and it will be introduced at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo.

mitsubishi geo cosmos globe oled display japan

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Feno Laptop Concept Has Foldable OLED Screen

Niels van Hoof’s Feno laptop concept looks pretty sweet, since it looks like it’s half the size of a MacBook Air, but has got the same size screen as the MacBook Pro 17, thanks to a flexible OLED display.

niels van hoof feno foldable laptop concept mobility

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What Will The Next Generation Television Sets Be Like?

With all of the hoopla surrounding 3D HDTVs, it makes you wonder what will happen in the next few years in TV technology. Will there be anything mind blowing or will things just even out over time? Ultimately, HDTVs and computer monitors serve as our primary interface with the web and computers.

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Sony Creates New Flexible OLED Screens

052610_rg_SonyFlexibleOLED_01.jpgThis last year has all been about 3D technology in display screens, but OLEDs are still a viable alternative to LEDs, if a manufacturer can finally mass-market them cheaply. Sony’s latest screen tech is also very flexible, opening a whole new avenue of products.

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Miyoul OLED Display Art Is Beautiful, But Pricey

With prices around $100,000 (USD) the cost is a bit insane, but these displays sure look good. Heck, if I had lots of money to burn, I’d probably want to get one of these (not).

oled art display photos nanobrick

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