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  • CIS White Man in Girls HBO

    -WHITE MAN! -WHITE MAN! -LEAVE NOW, WHITE MAN! PLEASE LEAVE NOW! -Thank you for saying what I couldn’t… (Owner of the rival shop Helvetica of Ray’s gets a hug from his barista, who got rid of Ray.) Ray stumbles away from the coffee shop, having made an even bigger problem than he had beforehand.

  • How Are You Spending the Friday After Thanksgiving?

    Even though it’s Black Friday and people are busting down the doors to buy the latest tech deals from big box electronics stores, I’m spending the time at home. I won’t be buying anything today and while this isn’t a possibility for everyone, I find that opting out of consumerism is a nice way to […]

  • 88 Minutes

    So I started watching 88 Minutes yesterday with Al Pacino. Why does this grandfather sleep with all these hot 18-20 year old chicks in this movie? Am I the only one that thinks this is strange? My wife called it the ultimate boy fantasy. The movie starts out with Pacino bedding some sort of 20 […]