Keon Firefox OS Smartphone: Orange Phone, Freshly Squeezed

While Chrome is fast and stable, I like using Firefox because of some of the specific extensions and plugins that work with it. If you still love Firefox, then you’ll love the fact that Mozilla has just announced a Developer Preview Phone that will come with the lightweight Firefox OS, which is still being developed.

firefox os smartphone keon peak mozilla white

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LaCie RuggedKey Flash Drive Looks Like an Orange Hand Grenade

I’m not sure how the TSA will deal with the grenade-like looks of this USB flash drive, but it definitely looks interesting. While I prefer something more minimal, the fact of the matter is that some USB flash drives get lost so quickly that it makes sense to make them more visible. The RuggedKey uses a protective orange bumper to keep the flash drive secure, and so you probably won’t lose track of it either.

lacie ruggedkey neil poulton usb flash drive prototypes

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Technicolor: Orange

Orange is the color of heat, of fire and of passion. There’s nothing quite like something orange. From amber to vermilion, there are a number of shades that will impress you with emotion. Burnt orange, gambodge, orange peel, and peach, will fill you with delight. Here are 10 unique gadgets in all of the shades of orange. If neither blue, green, red, nor white does it for you, then maybe orange will.

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