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  • 2011 Orbea Orca

    Bikeradar has got a nice little write-up on the new 2011 Orbea Orca. It comes with a new kind of dampening system. Overall, the bike is pretty sexy. The bike has got an aero seat post, with a semi-integrated clamp. I don’t know how I feel about that. I’d rather have an ISP or be […]

  • Taipei International Cycle Show Part 1

    I arrived early on the first day of the Taipei International Cycle Show. It took a while to get my pass in order. My friend who had a ticket breezed through. As I entered 1F of the expo, I started walking around.

  • Asterisk*Cycles

    I’ve set up a blog for all the posts concerning bicycle purchases from Taiwan. It will serve as a focus for all of the bicycle-related posts from Taiwan. Asterisk*Cycles specializes in high-end bikes. It is my opinion that to save money, the best thing is to actually purchase bikes or components that are worth more […]

  • Where Was My Bike Made?

    I found this great article by Kerry Roberts where he gives you information about where your bike was actually made. His list dates from 2008. Since then, all of Cannondale’s production has shifted to Asia. All Colnagos except the EPS are made in Taiwan. All Pinarellos are made in Taiwan. All Kuotas are made in […]

  • Kuota Kom and Orbea Orca

    Since I’m in the market for a midrange carbon fiber frame, I’ve done some extensive research on these two frames. I qualify both of these frames midrange since they aren’t as pricey as the Time RXR Ulteam, De Rosa King 3, Colnago EPS, Pinarello Prince, Wilier Cento Uno (and Wilier Cento Uno SL) and the […]