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Personalized Fridge Magnet Clock Helps Organize Your Chores

091009_rg_magnetclock_01.jpgClocks have many uses, but we find that they can be used quite well to organize a home. Instead of just relying on the time to do tasks, why not use a more fun way to organize chores and tasks in your house? The Magnet Clock lets you customize what needs to be done.

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How to Organize Your Computer Wires Using Cable Cubes

061509_rg_cable_cubes_01.jpgHow is the back of your desk or computer? Messy or clean? For us, keeping our wires untangled is always a work in progress. Even when you take the time to organize them, it doesn’t take long until they get messed up again. That’s why we thought that these little cable cubes were a great idea to keep your computer wires organized and easy to change.

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How to Keep Your Apartment Organized Using Google

060109_rg_google_spread_01.jpgThere are many ways of keeping an apartment organized but things get complicated quickly when you have more than one adult living together. Things can get especially hectic when you’ve got roommates, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids, family, and significant others. A great way to keep things really well organized is to use a really cool tool from Google.

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Dotz Organizers: Keeping Your Wires Clean

052709_rg_dotz_organizers_01.jpgHow do the cables under your desk look like? Or the cables and plugs near outlets? If you are like us, it’s probably very messy. It’s hard to keep things organized under your desk and near power plugs. Even if they start out organized, they will usually get messy after a while. The Dotz plug identifiers are very simple and make managing a power bar or outlet very easy in the most simple way.

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