Punkt ES 01: Reduce Your Cable Squid by 75%

How big is your cable squid? Mine is pretty big, and threatening to take over more and more space on and around my desk. It’s never been easy to organize cables, but Switzerland’s Punkt seeks to change this by simply hiding away all of your cables in a sleek box.

punkt es 01 georges moanack extension socket

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Officeoriginair Table Island Organizer: You Own Private Mountain Island

My desk is pretty messy. I’m not ashamed to admit it, but maybe if I had a desk organizer like this one from Officeoriginair, I’d be more tidy. Its minimalist design is definitely something attractive and distinctive for any desk.

officeoriginair tableisland organizer

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Fake Ear Earphone Tidy: Store Your Buds in Someone Else’s Ears

I’m not sure about these things, on top of creeping me out, these fake ears double as an earphone caddy. They will allow you to store your earbuds without getting the cords all tangled up, which is good since that shortens the life of your wires.

earphone fake ear tidy cord

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Unusual Shaped Cable and Cord Organizers

Messy wires are a definite pet peeve for most people. They look unorganized and can make managing your computer and electronics a hassle. We’ve put together some innovative solutions that will help sort out the mess. The best ones will keep the mess at bay for a long time, even though it might take an effort to convert your place.

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