Bibliophilia: Combining Library with Home Office

It’s natural to try and combine rooms when you haven’t got enough space, but many people use their home office as an ad hoc library to store their books. Granted, sometimes they end up in piles near a desk, but books are something that bibliophiles love, so they are worth making the effort to store them adequately.

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How to Be Able to Clean Your Desk in 5 Minutes

060711_rg_KeepDeskClean_01.jpgLike most people, we find that keeping our desk free of clutter is a daily struggle. Sure, we clean it often enough, but it doesn’t take long for mysterious stacks of paper to appear out of nowhere. The funny thing is that if you’re diligent about it, you can quickly clean your desk without too much of a fuss if you’re ready to tackle all of those papers. The most important thing we can say is that you need to have some kind of shelving system in place to make everything work smoothly.

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Organize Your Cables By Dyeing Them

042211_rg_DyeCables_01.jpgIf you’re like us, you probably try your best to remain organized for as long as possible, especially under your desk, but it doesn’t take long for all of your power cables to congeal into a gigantic mess. We’ve explored a few different ways of keeping your cables organized, but this novel approach will make each of your cables as distinctive as possible thanks to custom dyes and colors.

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Gaming Hubs: Make Your Own Or Buy One?

012611_rg_DIYGaming_01.jpgYesterday, we mentioned a few ways to keep your gaming area clean and organized. However, what if instead of making and/or hacking your own, you could buy one? Which would be the best to use? Read on to find out more.

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Keeping Your Gaming Area Organized

012511_rg_OrgHomTheaConsole_01.jpgIt’s true that if you are a console gamer, then you need to keep you gaming area tidy, as they can rapidly become very messy very quickly. The trick is to be consistent and clean up each and every time, otherwise the mess seems to grow on its own.

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