Quickly Adjust Volume on Macs Bit by Bit & More Tips

121511_rg_VolumeTip_01.jpgThere are good things and bad things about having a software-based volume dial. Most PC laptops have a rotary dial that allows for fine adjustments. On MacBooks, you have to press the volume up and down buttons, which aren’t always as precise. Ever since Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, you can finely adjust the volume of your Mac using this simple trick.

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The Best Widgets for Your Dashboard

111111_rg_BestWidgets_01.jpgDepending on what kind of a user you are, you might use or ignore the widgets on your Dashboard. Lion has made them easier to access, thanks to a swipe gesture, but what widgets will serve you best? Here’s a rundown on what we like to keep on our Dashboard.

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Could You Work With a Completely Icon-less Desktop?

You’ve probably had (or have) a computer desktop littered with icons. While some people like to organize this into a semblance of order, others tend to let all of these icons just crop up on their desktops and get rid of them only when there’s no more any space left for new ones. We’ve been drifting closer and closer towards a digital workspace without icons, and here’s how we’ve done it in both OS X and Windows 7.

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Hitachi Intros 4TB G-DRIVE and G-RAID Drives: Fast for Macs, Slower for PCs

While I agree that 4 terabytes of storage might seem like a lot to some users, it isn’t for others (me included). I’ve been delaying dealing with my hard drive capacity problems for about a year and a half and it’s gotten to the point where I’ll need a RAID array to serve my needs. Thankfully, Hitachi has just announced some new 4TB drives that will be released soon.

hitachi 4tb drive hard storage raid mac apple

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Notepad for Mac: Does More than Just Edit Text

082611_rg_NotepadOSX_01.jpgNotepad is the tried and true text editing software on Windows. We’ve actually got Notepad running 24/7 to write down our to-do lists and such, but there’s also a Notepad for Mac. This app does a lot more than just take notes, and allows you to manage all of the text files and snippets you’ve got on your computer, making it easy to find something you’re looking for.

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Using Skitch to Make Easy & Fun Image Captures

082411_rg_Skitch_01.jpgFrom time to time, it’s necessary to take a screen shot of your desktop. Both Macs and PCs have ways of doing this, but it usually implies porting the image capture into an image editing software to modify it. It can get tedious, but that’s something that our favorite image capturing software Skitch isn’t about. Skitch allows you to capture screen shots, modify them, and share them thanks to their online service.

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The Mysterious Case of Missing OS X Lion Icon Images

080211_rg_IconFolderImageOSX_04.jpgWith many Mac users now playing around with Apple’s recently released OS X Lion, we’re all getting used to all the updates. But sometimes these new additions can lead to strange additions…and subtractions. We don’t know why or how, but we noticed that our Applications icon from the dock had gone missing since updating. Here’s how to get it back, in a few different ways…

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