AFFETTO Robot Head Will Creep You Out

I know that this isn’t really supposed to have anything to do with Halloween or scaring people, but what the heck guys, this robot baby head is really disturbing, especially when the guy starts moving the head around and the baby comes alive.

japan osaka robot scary head expressions emotions baby

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Osaka Tower Robot vs Honda Asimo: Fight!

This image is worth a thousand words: on which robot would you bet your money? My money is on Honda’s Asimo – I’m sure that he’ll kick the tower-bot’s bony ass!

tsutenkaku honda asimo robot wars osaka japan

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Japanese Scientist Makes Robotic Clone

Only the Japanese would make robot clones of themselves. Check out this latest robot by Hiroshi Ishiguro from Osaka University. Instead of cloning himself, which is what he did before, he decided to clone a woman.

japanese robot clone

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Tsutenkaku Towerbot Makes Almost As Much Sense As A Godzillabot

You got to hand it to the Japanese, they’re always coming up with the wackiest concepts. In an era in which we are trying to make robots look more human or just make them more useful, there’s nothing like this tower-shaped robot to get to the heart of the matter.

tower robot japan osaka
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