Bem Outlet Speaker: Plug in Your Tunes

There are plenty of wireless speakers on the market these days, but sometimes, you just need a small speaker to deliver the right amount of sound at the right place. While outlets might not be optimally placed, this speaker takes advantage of the fact that most wireless speakers still need to be plugged in – at least to be charged.

bem outlet speaker black

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ODDIO1 Headphones Hide iPod Shuffle 4G in Plain Sight

While I thought those wristbands they used to make for the iPod Shuffle were cool, it was a bit unwieldy to have a headphone cord running down your arm to the Shuffle. This new design takes it to the next level, since it incorporates the 4th generation iPod Shuffle in the headphones themselves.

oddio1 headphones design ipod shuffle kickstarter

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Russound AirGo Outdoor Speaker Extends Your Wi-Fi Network to Your Backyard

The Russound AirGo is a weatherproof and AirPlay compatible outdoor speaker. This 40-watt speaker isn’t just a nice way of pumping out your tunes from your music player, it can also extend your Wi-Fi network wherever you place it.

outdoor speaker russound airgo airport express wireless repeater hotspot wifi

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5 Great Barbecues to Liven Up Your Parties

When you’re on the go, especially in the summer, it’s nice to be able to grill dinner on a BBQ. While not all of these BBQs are for use while you’re camping, at beach parties, or picnics, we’ve included a few that we thought were great to use in those situations.

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Eton Soulra iPod Dock is Waterproof & Solar-Powered

While there are quite a few solutions if you want to dock your music in the garden or a BBQ, this new dock from Eton is really interesting because it is waterproof and solar powered.

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DeepDesign’s Disko Solar-Powered Outdoor Speaker

041610_rg_DiskoSpeaker_01.jpgIt’s already spring, so if you haven’t looked at ways of getting your music out of the house and into the garden, then check out this fancy speaker from Heimdall. We really like it and it looks pretty nice.

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POSTCN01 Tells You When You’ve Got Snail Mail

011910_rg_PostCheck_01.jpgDo you still receive snail mail? We do from time to time, but not that much. For some people, getting you mail involves something quite elaborate, so we can see how this little gizmo might be useful.

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Our Little White Sofa: Perfect For Lounging With Your Laptop


This is the first sofa that we’ve seen that’s designed for both outdoor and indoor use. There is nothing greater than a multifunctional piece of furniture. Christian Vivanco designed it and it looks perfect for lounging around at home while working on your laptop. It’s design is reminiscent of a chaise longue, but it can seat more than one person.

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Götzburg Technical Baselayers

Göztburg is a German company which was founded in 1889.

They make technical baselayers, from thermal underwear to sweat wicking T-shirts. The thermal underwear is called Power Concept Thermo Bi System. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any reference to it on their website. My guess is that they have discontinued production of these layers. Which might be the reason why it’s being sold off at 20% off at the outdoor shops in Taipei.

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