Bem Outlet Speaker: Plug in Your Tunes

There are plenty of wireless speakers on the market these days, but sometimes, you just need a small speaker to deliver the right amount of sound at the right place. While outlets might not be optimally placed, this speaker takes advantage of the fact that most wireless speakers still need to be plugged in – at least to be charged.

bem outlet speaker black

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Belkin Conserve Surge Outlet Saves Money & Energy

093009conserve01.jpgWe first mentioned this surge protector last year. What made it distinctive and useful is that it came with a remote that would switch off some of the outlets. Now, Belkin have announced an update to their Converse Surge. It now comes with a timer.

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Roundup: Five Great Power Strips


We’ve come across all manner of uniquely-designed power strips but not all of them are perfect. Sometimes it’s hard to justify the extra cost associated with power strip, but then again we never have enough of them. Usually one power strip gets plugged into another one and they generate a lot of cables that are usually entangled. Thankfully for the most part, these power strips remain hidden behind furniture. But there must be better ways of dealing with that situation? Read on to find out more about five great power strips that we found.

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Monster Energy Efficient Power Outlet


As a company, Monster is known for their cabling. They have now started tackling charging and powering your gadgets in an eco-friendly way with a new range of standby disabling power strips. The Digital Life PowerCenter GreenPower are aimed at being connected to your computer and its peripherals. Once you turn your computer off, all of the peripheral sockets get turned off as well. This first line has three different models, the MDP 650, 800 and 900.

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Belkin Energy Saving Power Outlet

As you may already know, leaving many of your devices plugged into a wall socket or power outlet means that they are consuming electricity even when you aren’t using them. This adds up if you have a lot of devices and gadgets that are always plugged in. The simple way around this is to physically unplug them and plug them in only when they are in use, but that can easily get tedious.

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