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Gramo Solar-Powered Speakers: They Even Fit in Your Pocket!

When you are outside of your home, far away from any power source, you rapidly find out that power is really important to keep your gadgets going. Speakers need to be powered. The fact that the Gramo speakers actually use the sun to power themselves is something really cool. You’ll be able to enjoy music for a long time before power runs out.

Aqua Sounders: Ipod Docking Station for Your Pool

040609_rg_aqua_sounders_01.jpgYou know how it is. Usually, water and sound don’t mix very well. We’ve always been told to be careful with electronics around the pool or the bath. But what if you want to have a swinging pool party this summer, and want to have some really good sound in the pool, for not that much money? Well the Aqua Sounders might be for you. It’s a docking system that includes water resistant speakers that will float around your pool.

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