Developer Outsourced Own Job to China

There’s nothing worse when you learn that your job is about to be outsourced to another country. Apparently, one U.S. software developer took matters into his own hands and outsourced not just his own job, but a couple of his jobs to China – raking in the profits.

outsourcing job china

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Soft Shells And Hard Shells

I was able to buy a shell from Milo. It’s just a basic shell, nothing too technical. I bought it second hand, but it still had the tags on it and had never been worn. It’s main fabric is Aquatex 10/10, a Gore-Tex like fabric. I’ve been told that it functions differently from Gore-Tex, but I haven’t seen it yet in action. It’s not the Arc’teryx Alpha SV technical jacket that I want, but it’s a beginning I guess.

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