How To Reduce Your Tech Weight

011911_rg_TooMuchTech_02.jpgA recent stay at the hospital has weakened our strength somewhat, so we’ve been forced to examine how much stuff and tech we take around every day out of practicality. The fact of the matter ideally you should carry what you need at a comfortable weight; you don’t want to be carrying around too much stuff for both health and safety reasons. But how to trim the fat?

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Tech That’s Worth Carrying Around Everywhere

Everyone is different and each and everyone of us carries around a moderate amount of tech everywhere we go. I for one eschew carrying my laptop around everyday, because it can get heavy in my pack, no matter what manufacturers might say. What’s the tech that’s worth carrying around everywhere?

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Kensington Battery Pack for iPod and iPhone


When you are on the go with no way of recharging your iPod or your iPhone, usually you’d just do the unthinkable and switch them off. No More! Kensington is coming to the rescue with its new battery back, that will work with both types of devices.

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