Marvel Digital Mercury: Cheap Android Tablet, Still More Expensive than HP TouchPad

HP might have had to have a fire sale to dump their now-discontinued WebOS TouchPad tablets, but Marvel Digital’s Mercury Pad Tablet is running Android, so you’ll be safe with it. As tablets go, the Mercury has solid specs, but is still more expensive that the discount-priced $99 TouchPad (if you can still find one).

marvel digital mercury tablet pad android

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Shinobii Wii Ping Pong Paddle: Perfect For Smacking Balls

The Wii has had its share of crazy controllers. This is definitely a strange one: it’s a reproduction of a table tennis paddle. One thing’s for sure, if you love table tennis, then this is the Wii pad for you!

shinobii wii table tennis pad controller

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Boogie Board Is The $30 Tablet

This isn’t really a tablet PC per se, but it aims at replacing paper pads efficiently with a special kind of rewriteable LCD display.

tablet boogie board writing lcd

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