Darth Vader with Parasol: Keeping the Dark Side in the Shade

Ever thought that a Dark Lord of the Sith would use a parasol to keep out of the sun? I suppose that the Dark Side prefers to stay in the shade, right? One artist decided to re-imagine a famous painting by Monet, featuring Darth Vader prominently using his umbrella.

darth vader parasol david barton 01

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Van Gogh’s Starry Night: Version 2.0

The Starry Night has always been one of my favorite painting by Vincent Van Gogh. The awesomeness of the painting is particularly evident when you pay close attention to the intricate swirling patterns of wind in the sky. Now, it looks The Starry Night just got upgraded to version 2.0. It’s now become an interactive panel.

van gogh starry night interactive 01

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Star Wars Cubism: Obi-Wan Picasso

Star Wars art is pretty hot right now (when has it not been?) and artist Tommervik has created some awesome Star Wars-inspired paintings, done in the Cubist style brought to the forefront by Pablo Picasso.

star wars cubism droids millennium falcon darth vader tommervik

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Invisible Paintings Show Up Only After You Take a Pic

I’ve always enjoyed modern art, but involving the viewer with these paintings that only become visible after you take a photo with your cell phone or your camera is genius.

take a picture cell phone digital camera brad blucher kyle clements led ir

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For The Love Of A Notebook

Great article over at retinart on the Moleskine drawings of Ghostskool.