2011 Tour de France Stage 21 Créteil -> Champs-Élysées

Tour de France logo

Run of the mill last stage of the Tour de France, with no attacks from the favorites, it was all up to the stage win, that finally went to Cavendish, as he out-accelerated everyone to win the stage and to win the Green Jersey. Cadel Evans wins the Tour de France, with Andy and Frank Schleck rounding up the top three. The rest of the GC didn’t change from yesterday. Pierre Rolland wins the White Jersey by 46″ over Rein Taaramae, and Samuel Sanchez gets the Polka Dot Jersey. The most aggressive rider of this year’s tour is Jérémie Roy, who spent over 800km in breakaways.

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Box Stories: Miniature Video Game Vistas

These amazing little diorama boxes tell stories. Not all of them are video game related, but my favorite ones include a scene from Super Mario Bros and one from Tetris. Gatz’s Box Stories are pretty cool once you check out all of the details that he’s included in his scenes.

box stories video games retro gatz art geek

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Illegal Photos of the Paris Metro

Sweep via SleepCity

Beautiful photos on abandoned Paris Metro stations that are coupled with an interesting article on the its history.

Not So Hasty Retreat via SleepCity

2011 Pinarello Road Bicycles

This year, Pinarello is emphasizing their asymmetric design philosophy. The models stay the same but they’ve announced a new re-designed Paris Carbon, which is made out of 50HM 1.5K carbon. It’s slot is right after the Prince Carbon. The Prince is made out of 50HM 1K carbon. The Dogma is made out of 60HM 1K carbon. The Dogma is available in a Di2 compatible frame.

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La noyée par Chloé Le Drezen

Beautiful photos of Louise Ebel Pandora

There’s something about girls with glasses…

Two of my faves of this series by Chloé Le Drezen

Taiwanese Woman’s Quest to Kiss 100 Men in Paris

Yang Ya-ching is a 27-year-old Taiwanese music major living in Paris. She is on a quest to kiss 100 men. Until now, she’s smooched 54. As a francophone, let me say that smooching isn’t really an issue for us. Sure, kissing on the lips a bit more intimate, but not that much. Francophones everywhere give themselves kisses on the cheeks as a greeting. Her blog got a bunch of hits because it went viral. The photos of her kisses are here.

I guess all you anglos must be balking at what she’s doing while the Taiwanese and Asians are falling unconscious just thinking about it. It’s interesting, culturally speaking. Ask any young Frenchwoman, especially Parisians, how many men she’s kissed and you’ll be surprised by the answer. And there’s probably something that you’re forgetting: rare are the men that would refuse to smooch a cute Asian girl.

Hijabizing Paris

I found this pretty hilarious when I read it today. There is a new street artist in Paris who’s known as Princess Hijab, and she is all about, as she puts it herself, hijabizing the ads in Paris. Basically, she’s drawing a hijab over models and ads that she deems immodest. She does this on billboards and ads all over the city. I can see the rationale, but apparently her website is unclear about her motives, even though she has a manifesto. To quote Andrew Price,

…but it’s oddly-punctuated and generally baffling.

With her spray paint and black marker pen, [Princess Hijab] is out to hijabize advertising. Even Kate Moss is targeted. She knows all about visual terrorism! And she will not spare her right of expression for the likes of publicists. Make sure that all advertising can be hijabized “ ‘cause that’s her fight Jihad is her art”. And don’t forget, she acts upon her own free will. She is not involved in any lobby or movement be it political, religious or to do with advertising. In fact, the Princess is an insomniac-punk.

Her attempts sound farcical, yet still manage to be comical. Sounds like something that was translated from French by Google. Anway, it’s an interesting way of protesting the scantily clad girls we see in advertisements. Personally, I don’t mind scantily glad women, but not everyone thinks the same way.  (via Good)

Hyper By Denis Darzacq

Denis Darzacq is a photographer based in Paris. He recently completed a series he calls “Hyper”. He recruited young dancers and parkour/freerunners to pose in empty supermarkets. Although the photos have a clear surreal quality, they have not been digitally manipulated to create this effect. (via designbloom)