Parks Are Filled With Siberian Huskies

Female Siberian husky, exactly like the one I found today


Today was somewhat laid-back. I took my dog for a walk and suddenly, I came upon a beautiful Siberian husky with clear blue eyes. He was docile and playful, and his leash was still on him. He followed us around a bit and Spike quite liked him. I looked around for an owner, but none materialized. This dog was not fixed, but seemed to have been well taken care of. I couldn’t see any sores, scars, or marks on him. He was also extremely friendly.

I took his leash and not knowing exactly what to do, took him with me. I tried dropping him off at a friend’s place. They had four dogs before, two of them huskies, but now they have only 3. I thought that they could do something, but they weren’t home. Chad’s girlfriend Kate is Taiwanese and knows the area well, so she’d be able to phone people around to find out who his owner was.

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Strange Sleepers

Today, at around 11:45PM, I walked my dog.

I was surprised to see a guy sleeping on a chair near my apartment. He was just sleeping on it. It was next to a car. It was almost in the middle of the street. He looked drunk. He was dressed in slacks and a short sleeved shirt. He had strange papers plastered to him.

In the park, I saw young kids, drinking and smoking. I saw a few lovers necking. I saw a homeless guy sleeping in the grass, huddled up. His shoes were neatly arranged beside him. He’s the homeless guy that I see a lot. Three dogs were sleeping in the park as well. Another guy was trying to find more cans to recycle.

I walked home and the guy in the chair hadn’t moved.


I used Google Maps to figure out how long the laps were around the park next to my apartment in Banqiao. It’s 650m. I ran five laps tonight. That makes about 3.250KM. It was a good run. I’m going to try and run again tomorrow night. I’ll need to run about 8 laps to run 5.2KM. That’s more than I used to run in 2006 five times a week. That’s my goal, running five or six times a week. I varied speeds. For 200m out of every lap, I ran at my top speed. Usually I did this for the last 2 minutes of my run. However I noticed that my foot is still tender and running very fast makes me feel the bruise. So I won’t run that fast.

My average speed was about 7kph, which is acceptable to start out with. Actually speed only comes into play later on in the training. First it’s to be able to run 5KM a day. Then I’ll work on the speed and maybe run 10KM in one shot once a week. That will be my goal by the end of the summer. I’ll need to buy a slim hydration pack for running. That’s always nice. It’s about 15 laps to run 10KM.

I’ve just seen this and it makes me think. I’ll be in Quebec at the end of August and I could participate in half a marathon. I doubt that I’ll be able to run more than that. 42.2KM is just too much. We’ll see how things go over the summer. I’ll decide in August.