Philippe Starck Zik Headphones for Parrot: Packed with Tech, But How Do They Sound?

French über designer Philippe Starck has just revealed the Zik headphones that he created for Parrot. Crammed with modern technology, the ‘phones are optimized for intuitive control and seamless integration with smartphones.

philippe starck zik parrot headphones 01

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Fly Your AR.Drone with a Game Controller and Spy on Neighbors More Precisely

When the Parrot AR.Drone was released, it was supposed to be piloted from an iPhone or Android smartphone. However, that didn’t gel with some users since it’s not as precise as they’d like. Serious AR.Drone geeks have thought about using a game controller from their favorite video game, or even better, a flight-simulator joystick, and have put together various hacks to make this happen.

Drone Station Mac Game Controller Parrot AR 01

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Parrot AR Drone Helicopter Has Streaming Video And Iphone Controls

This new toy is so cool that I’m almost speechless. It’s a quadricopter and it’s got a camera on board!

ar drone helicopter quadricopter toy remote control

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Zikmu Wireless Dock For Ipod by Philippe Starck


We all need iPod and iPhone docks, but here at Unplggd, we firmly believe that such docks and speakers should be wireless. Wireless docks and speakers just cut down on the clutter and the messy wires, and make things a lot easier when dealing with speaker systems. Philippe Starck is well known in industrial design. He makes strikingly beautiful designs. Today, he just unveiled a new set of wireless speakers for Parrot.

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