Japanese Researchers Claim Success In Creating Element 113


The Japanese have claimed that they have been able to create a third atom of element 113, known by its temporary name Ununtrium. It took them nine years of painstaking experiments, but this success implies that the element could finally be added to the periodic table. It would be the first artificial element discovered in East Asia, giving the Japanese the right to name it.

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Proposed Thorium Neutron-Based Clock Would be Accurate for Billions of Years

An ultra-high vacuum chamber houses an ion trap where single thorium atoms are suspended and laser-cooled to near absolute zero temperature. (Alexander Radnaev)

Scientists are proposing the building of a hyper-accurate nuclear clock that would lose only one-tenth of a second over 14 billion years, the current age of the universe. This design would be 100 times more accurate than atomic clocks available today and could be used in applications such as high-precision GPS satellites, and experiments that probe the fundamentals of physics and relativity.

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Bubble Chamber

Bubble Chamber is a generative painting system of imaginary colliding particles built with Processing. A single super-massive collision produces a discrete universe of four particle types. Particles draw their positions over time resulting in the construction of oddly familiar patterns. (via cpluv)

CERN Accelerator Could Be The First Time Machine

Russian mathematicians have claimed that the CERN particle accelerator could open a door to the future. (via warrenellis)