Christian Smith & Dave Seaman @ Singha NYE Golden Party Taipei

We got our tickets about a week ago and made our plans for tonight. The evening started pretty mellow, but I made my way to Xinyi and Taipei 101 by 11 PM. I wasn’t expecting the sea of people all over the streets and sidewalks. It made getting to the event difficult. Luckily, we saw a way through the crowds and managed to get to the venue quickly enough.

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Wi-Fi Network Party Invites: Hopefully No Creeps Around

Planning a house  party for the beginning of the Fall? Don’t know all of your neighbors yet? Use your Wi-Fi network to invite everyone on your block! Wait a second, is this actually a smart idea?

wifi party invites network

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Technological Green Garden Party Lights

Unless you’re ready to make your own Sun Jar lights, getting some interesting lights for you backyard parties isn’t going to be an easy thing, especially when you’re on a limited budget.

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15 Hours

After having a crazy long numerical analysis exam, I went to the Pub with the people in math. It was fun. Lunch was paid by our departmental student association.

Students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year mingled with graduate students. It was fun. Thanfully, I wasn’t teaching that day. I was actually feeling a bit groggy, and I wasn’t the only one.

When I came home, at around 5PM, I needed to work on two posts for Unplggd. I finished at around 6PM and headed for bed. This was the fourth time that I tried to watch Thursday’s CSI episode and I fell asleep on it. I woke up well rested 15 hours later, at around 9AM this morning and called the wife.

Tonight, there is a beach party at a friend’s place. I’ll turning up in my duds to have a bit of fun after an intense week of school.

Hat House Party

Flag of the Métis people via Wikipedia
Flag of the Métis people via Wikipedia

I was over at a friend’s place for a house party on Saturday night. My roommate was supposed to go with me, but he was elsewhere. I had been playing Mass Effect most of the night and decided to hope into the shower later. I almost didn’t go, but decided that I needed to socialize with people. I rarely socialize and the only socializing I usually do is thanks to my roommates and their friends.

Things went awry when I tried calling my wife. Apparently, our internet phone line was down and it took me a while to figure this out. I left late and had to walk there as I had just missed a bus. It was only a 10 minute walk though. The hostess is an ESL teacher and most people there were ESL teachers and graduate students. It makes for a great mix of nationalities, languages and conversation.

I arrived at an apartment which was completely packed. A lot of people were squeezing around. It was a fun night. I met Angela the roommate, who’s doing a doctorate in history. She’s a self-confessed feminist. She talked like women were still stuck in the fifties. I told her that I couldn’t fathom being with a girl who wanted to stay home and take care of the kids. She liked hearing that. I had a long talk with Anne, who’s doing a doctorate in ethnology on the Métis from Saguenay. We talked about how disconnected with reality graduate students become. I told her that real life was all about money, so she wasn’t missing much.

I saw Heather and Nat again. Heather has started working at a school as an English teacher in 2nd grade. She loves it. I told her that 4th grade was the worst. 2nd is fine because the kids still respect you and your authority as a grown-up.

As the night progressed, the party-goers became more and more intoxicated. I was hit on by women and men, which is always surprising.

At one point, a lot of people left. Mihow started dirty dancing with some girls. It was kind of a spectacle since everyone was inebriated. Then again, no one really noticed. Others joined in. I found it funny and had a talk with Darryl, who wants to go teach in Doha, Qatar.

I left the party when it was winding down. It was a fun night.

November 30 2008

When people come over, this is what our entrance looks like
When people come over, this is what our entrance looks like

Party From Hell

When Robert and Julia Anscomb arrived home the next day they found their dog Bailey unconscious. He had overdosed on ecstasy tablets. Their dining room floor was covered in four inches of beer, their lap-tops, iPods and jewelery had been stolen and they found handcuffs and underwear in their eight-year-old daughter’s bedroom. (via fark)