Boxwood Fungus Blight Invades North America After Taking Europe and New Zealand by Storm


A boxwood blight, caused by an aggressive fungus disease, has started to invade the North American continent, after it had spread throughout Europe and New Zealand. Last October, US authorities confirmed that the blight had jumped continents, and started infections in North Carolina and Connecticut.

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Silent Witness Bloodlines Vs The Prodigal

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I’ve been watching Silent Witness for years. It’s one of the best police procedural dramas out there. It’s kind of unique since it focuses on the pathologists instead of the forensic side of things. Season 14 just started on BBC and the last two parter, The Prodigal, was excellent. It mixed crimes with diplomacy and an international incident. I really like those two episodes, SE14E09 and E10.

If you don’t know about Silent Witness’ episode format, each week, a two-parter is aired on BBC. It allows the writers to create feature-length stories, which is something good in the case of this show.

In retrospect, I found the preceding two-parter, Bloodlines, really hard to watch. It was too close and personal to one of the main characters, Harry Cunningham. It was also surprising how E07 ended. It showed that Harry was actually killed by some thugs in Belgrade. For a moment, I thought that this was how the character would exit the series, but this wasn’t the case. It was clever, but honestly the rest of the story wasn’t as good as The Prodigal.