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Tired and Sleeping

The weekend was pretty crazy. I slept a lot. I woke up at 10PM on Sunday night and did my things. I thought I’d go back to bed, but that didn’t happen. I had work on Monday morning followed by 6 hours of classes. When I arrived home, I promptly went to bed at around 8PM.

I woke up at 4:30AM on Tuesday and started my day. I like getting up early. I get a lot of things done. Tuesday is a good day, but I was still a bit tired so I had a long nap of about  hours from 3:30 to 7:30PM. I woke up to do some work and then went back to bed at 10:30. The nap made me less sleepy than I thought and I woke up this morning at around 3AM. I called my wife and did a few things. I started doing homework and wrote an article. It’s 6:30PM and I just arrived home. I have to work a bit and eat, then I’ll watch some stuff and head to bed. Tomorrow I don’t have any school, but some work and a whole lot of homework to complete.

Going to bed at 10 or 11PM and getting up at around 4Pm is pretty good. It’s funny how sharp your mind is in the mornings. You can get a lot of things done in the early hours. Also, I’m less in a rush all the time, so that’s pretty cool as well.

Patterns In Landscape Photography

Patterns in landscape photography.

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