3D-Printed Cover + Standard Logitech Mouse = The Infinitely Customizable Mouse

Gaming peripherals, while pricey, are quite durable and full of features that even the sternest desk-jockey can appreciate. Recently, I saw a couple of LED-powered keyboards that had me drooling, since they lit up very brightly to highlight gaming keys. The Mad Catz RAT has always been an extremely good mouse for gaming, since it allowed you to get the perfect shape for your hands. If you don’t like to buy off-the-shelf peripherals like these, then check out this 3D-printed alternative.

statial shapeways mouse cover

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Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse & Keyboard for On-the-go Computing

Microsoft has released details on two new products, the Wedge Touch Mouse and the Wedge Touch Keyboard, which look perfect for when you’re on the go and you get tired of using the touch-based keyboard on your tablet.

microsoft wedge touch keyboard mouse

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Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1 Gaming Mouse: Made for Snipers

Anyone who’s played FPS games knows that they usually require a lot of precision sniping. That’s what Shogun Bros. were thinking when they developed their latest mouse, the Ballista MK-1. It was specifically designed for the sharpshooting FPS gamer.

shogun bros ballista mk 1 mouse 01

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Strange & Funny USB Hubs: Add a Bit of Fun to Desktops

111611_rg_StrangeUSBHubs_01.jpgWe always like having unobtrusive tech, but there comes a time when a bit of fun isn’t out of place. USB flash drives are usually the domain of the silly, but USB hubs come in a close second when it comes to the strange and whimsical…

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Razer Star Wars The Old Republic Keyboard & Mouse: Gaming with the Sith

One of the best games that I’ve played was Knights of the Old Republic. Hopefully, Bioware’s upcoming title, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be something along the same lines (in a MMORPG way). Needless to say, if you’re gaming on your PC, you’ll need a nifty keyboard and mouse combo, which is why Razer is releasing their new Old Republic-themed peripherals.


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Our Favorite Windows Peripherals for Desktop PCs

031111_rg_BestPCPeripherals_01.jpgIt’s true that we do enjoy our MacBooks, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love and use our PCs. In fact, there are a few of us here at Unplggd who use PCs daily for our work. Desktop PCs have the added advantage of being customizable and upgradeable, without too much of a fuss. Here are our favorite Windows peripherals that we just can’t live without.

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How to Smartly Store Your Computer Peripherals

It’s a given that most people have computer peripherals that need storing. There’s always the easy way of stacking them haphazardly around. However, this always ends up looking very messy. Here are our ideas on how to store your computer peripherals.

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More Transformers Peripherals: From Mice to USB Hubs

052209_rg_transformers_mice_01.jpgWell, we’ve just made a little discovery. There are more devices in disguise available out there for all of you Transformers nuts. Transformers are pretty close to LEGOs in their universal appeal to the male gender, since they all used to be little boys at some point. Transforming robots are just plain cool. I can remember fondly the Transformers that could be made into 3 different shapes or the ones that assembled to make a giant robot.