EGO Personal Semi-Submarine: No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dive.

I’ve probably watched too many James Bond movies, but a personal submarine sounds pretty cool, no matter what. While this started out as a concept a couple of years ago, it’s actually available for purchase now.

roanhaje ego personal semi submarine boat

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Changing Your Workflow to Improve Your Health

081711_rg_SittingKiller_01.jpgYou’ve probably read a post or an article about reasons why sitting all day may be harming your health. That being said, standing desks aren’t for everyone, and thankfully there are alternatives to working standing up for hours at a time, working techniques that aren’t just about “what” you work on, but “how” you work throughout the day.

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BodyGuard: Futuristic Gauntlet Stun Gun Becomes Reality

It’s surprising how some tech that you thought belonged in science-fiction can actually become reality. The BodyGuard is a stun gun that is housed in a futuristic gauntlet and will “add” an extra 300,000+ volts to any punch you land. Talk about knocking someone’s socks off!


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Cutting Down Online Stresses With Time Management

102210_rg_DangersofFacebook_01.jpgIs social networking bringing you down? Are you getting tired of checking up on all of your Facebook “friends”? Then maybe it’s time to cut down on your online Facebook time by managing your stress and social networking by spending less time on those sites. Being connected 24/7 is slowly becoming a reality for everyone with a smart phone and an Internet connection.

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Healthy Uses For Your Home Tech

While there are some drawbacks with having a lot of tech in your home, there are also some benefits. The Internet and computers have made things that were hard in the past very easy. Take a look at our list of healthy things that you can do with technology.

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Training & Diet Week 20 Day 1-7

1 milk tea, rice & veg w chicken, spare ribs, fresh squeezed citrus juice (3 grape fruits, 2 limes, 1 orange)

1 milk tea, 2 onion buns, rice, veg, fish balls, orange juice, fresh-squeezed grape fruit juice, crackers, rice, tomatoes, eggs, OJ with blended kiwis.

2 milk teas, rice w beef & veg, cherries, granola bar, fresh squeezed OJ (7 oranges), ribs, 1 dragonfruit.

2 milk teas, rice 2 chicken & veg, dragonfruit, granola bar, ribs.

1 milk tea, 1 coffee, salmon sashimi, French onion soup, 4-banana smoothie, Pocari Sweat, fanta, chocolate, cookie, dragonfruit.

1 milk tea, dragonfruit, cereal, Pocari Sweat, chicken masala, tandoori chicken, naan, cardamon tea.

1 milk tea, fresh squeezed OJ (8 oranges), chocolate, 3 sausages.