HALO MINI Pet Collar: All Your Pets Are Safe with Us

When you walk your pet at night, it’s safe to say that it’s pretty easy to lose track of it, especially when it’s black (like mine). That’s one of the reasons why I really like these superbright LED collars. It ensures that your pet is clearly visible and you won’t lose it.

halo mini pet collar kickstarter

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Would An AT-AT From Star Wars Make A Great Pet?

While I’ve never thought of AT-ATs or Imperial Walkers from Star Wars as particularly cute, the following video definitely presents them as a nice robotic pet to have around. I can already see the animated version coming to a HDTV near you!

at-at pet imperial walker video dog

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Yoda At 17 Months

Yoda sitting on my lap

Yoda cat has calmed down quite a bit since this summer. She’s a happy domesticated kitty-cat and enjoys spending a lot of time with her “brother” Spike. She likes knowing where he is at all times and doesn’t like to be separated from him, which is strange, since Spike is a 5-year old French bulldog.

We’ve had her for 17 months. I rescued her in July ’08 as a kitten. She was between 7-10 days old at that time. I had to bottle feed her milk four times a day for a while until she was ready to eat solid food.

At the time, I knew that my next pet would be named Yoda. I didn’t expect it to be a Mr. Micro Cat, which was my nickname for her when I rescued her. I was actually thinking that our next pet would be another Frenchie. The name Yoda implies big ears, and Frenchies do have them.

And yes, her fur is as fluffy as you’d believe it is.

Nikon D200 17/11/2009
Aperture f/5.0
Shutter 1/5
ISO 1600
Focal length 65 mm
Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens

Close-up of Yoda's face

Nikon D200 17/11/2009
Aperture f/5.6
Shutter 1/3
ISO 1600
Focal length 150 mm
Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens
Photos weren’t post-processed nor pre-processed.

Electrolux Powerglide: Vacuums Any Surface

092109_rg_powerglide_01.jpgAt Unplggd, we love vacuum cleaners. Why? They keep our pads nice and clean. You know as well as we do that even though vacuum cleaners aren’t made to work on all surfaces, you still use them to get rooms clean. That’s why Electrolux’s new vacuum cleaner might do the trick for you: it works well on a number of different surfaces.

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July 28 2008

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