3D Printing Using DNA Could Make Drugs

Credit: widdowquinn/Flickr)

New technology that combines the computer-aided design software inSequio with nanoscale fabrication technology could allow for the 3D printing of drugs using DNA.

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Scorpion Protein Helps Illuminate Brain Tumors


In order to help surgeons come up with a way to distinguish brain tumors from healthy tissue, scientists are trying to use a scorpion protein.

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Diuretic Drug Could Help Treat Autism


The drug bumetanide, which has been used for decades to treat high blood pressure and other conditions, has now shown some promise in a small clinical trial for autism spectrum disorder. The drug reduced the overall severity of behavioral symptoms after 3 months of daily treatment.

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Radiation Exposure Could Be Countered By Ingesting Ex-Rad Pills


The US Department of Defense has been developing pills that will protect humans from radiation. The pills are named Ex-Rad and were developed by Onconova Therapeutics in conjunction with the DoD.

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Crystal Meth Could Reduce Susceptibility to the Common Flu


Researchers suggest that a small dose of methamphetamine, i.e. crystal meth, could reduce the replication of the human influenza virus.

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MDMA Provides Prolonged Relief from Severe Stress


A new study indicates that the benefits of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) persist years after the first treatment of the drug.

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Dutch Company Will Start Selling Gene Therapy Treatment in 2013


A Dutch company, uniQure, states that it will start selling the first human gene therapy to be approved in the West by mid-2013. They expect an explosion of similar therapies to be available soon.

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Proteins from Black Mamba Venom Could Yield New Painkillers


The venom of the black mamba snake can kill humans within 20 minutes, but among those deadly compounds are two snake proteins, called mambalgins, that can block pain in mice as effectively as morphine and with fewer side effects.

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New Gene Therapy Has the Ability to Restore Sense of Smell in Mice


A new gene therapy has the ability to fix a defective sense of smell in mice by repairing problems with the cilia on their olfactory neurons. This study suggests that abnormalities in cilia can be treated, but it remains unclear how these findings can be applied to other organs.

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Heavy Teenage Cannabis Use Leads to Drop in IQ


It seems like something straightforward in essence, but apparently being a heavy cannabis smoker as a teenager results in a significant cognitive decline in adulthood, something that is not seen comparably in adult users of the drug.

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