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  • 31 Hours In 3 Airports In 3 Countries

    I left my hostel at about 5:30PM in order to catch the last bus to the airport. For some reason, all buses stop at 6AM, making it quite difficult to get around Saigon. At the bus station, near the market, it took me about 15 minutes to figure out that there weren’t any more buses.…

  • Longest Vacation Ever

    It’s been a long year of work, but I’m finally heading on vacation for CNY starting next week. I have about 3.5 weeks off and I’m heading to Dumaguete in the Philippines to do some scuba diving. Then I’ll be visiting Saigon in Vietnam and bus-ing my way into Cambodia and the temples at Angkor.

  • Survivor Philippines Gouge My Eyes Out S25E13 (CBS)

    Back at camp, Lisa says that the game isn’t fair and that she wants to sit next to someone she can beat. Lisa’s words aroused Malcolm’s suspicion. He thinks that she’s dangerous because she revealed her true intentions.

  • Survivor Philippines Shot to Smithereens S25E12 (CBS)

    Abi finally realizes that Lisa, Scoop, Malcolm and Denise have an alliance. Abi talks with Carter. He tells her that she’s got nothing to worry about because she’s got an immunity idol. That was her lie from last week.

  • Survivor Philippines Hell Hath Frozen Over S25E11 (CBS)

    The next day, Abi’s face is all puffy from having a little cry. Denise and Penner listen in and are annoyed with her. Malcolm and Abi go to get mail. They are getting money for the food auction. Abi has another cry about Denise.

  • Survivor Philippines Dead Man Walking S25E08 (CBS)

    Jeff tells Penner that everyone was wishy-washy. Penner is pissed. He asks Denise. She says that she voted for him. Jeff wants Penner gone. Scoop tells Penner not to give up. There are cracks in their alliances. They should wait until someone comes up to them.

  • Survivor Philippines Not the Only Actor on This Island S25E07 (CBS)

    Back at camp, Denise is still reeling from her 6th tribal. Jeff wanted to keep Penner around to take him further in the game. Penner is annoyed that Katie wrote his name down. A ship comes to see Tandang. The tribes are merging. The boat will take them to their new beach. At Kalabaw, the…

  • Survivor Philippines Down and Dirty S25E06 (CBS)

    I just saw a tarsier during the IR camera shooting at Kalabaw. Katie knows she’s the weakest link. The next day, she talks with Denise about the idol. They both think that Penner has got it. At Tandang, the tribe realizes that Mike has been eating rice raw. He believes that it will cook in…

  • Survivor Philippines Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops S25E01 (CBS)

    As another September rolls around, another season of Survivor has started. This time around, they are in Caramoan, in the Philippines. The players are split up into three tribes. Three survivors who were eliminated because of medical reasons are back. They include Russell Swan, Jonathan Penner and Michael Skupin. Of those three, Jonathan is the…

  • World’s Smallest Primate Issues High-Frequency Calls Like Bats

    It was recently discovered by a team of scientists that the Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) can communicate in pure ultrasound, issuing calls that are so high-pitched that human ears cannot perceive them. The huge-eyed tarsier definitely has arresting looks. Read more @ SciTechDaily