Philips SoundShooter: Barrel Full of Bluetooth

Bluetooth speakers are great to share your tunes with your friends, and they are really useful in your home, to listen to music, shows, and podcasts without worrying about wires.

philips soundshooter bluetooth speaker road

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5 Alternatives for the Philips Wake-Up Light

092112_rg_WakeUptoLight_01a.jpegWaking up in the morning can be a painful experience, but research seems to indicate that using light instead of sound will wake you up more pleasantly. There haven’t been that many light-based alarm clocks, and the Philips Wake Up Light was one of the most effective and popular ones available. Here are some alternatives, including some that will require some hacking. More

TEAC SR-LUXi iPhone Alarm Clock Wakes You With Light

The Philips Wake-Up Light is one of my favorite alarm clocks, but I never picked one up because of the price . Check out this TEAC alarm clock dock for iPhones, which promises to do almost the same thing as the Philips clock, at a more reasonable cost.

teac sr luxi wake up light iphone

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Philips Desktop Microphone: Looks Like a UFO or a Frisbee

If you ever have the need to record what people are saying in a conference room, here’s a cool looking microphone which might help you capture better quality sound than you might get from traditional microphones.

gp designpartners philips mic 1

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Create Your Own LivingColors Lamp With LED Bulbs

032411_rg_MakeYourOwnLivColor_01.jpgWe’ve always been fans of the Philips LivingColors lamp. This nicely designed mood light will enable you to change the ambiance of a room with the push of a button. Sadly the price of the lamp can be quite overwhelming, especially if you want to get more than one. Thankfully, we’ve found a simple hack that can give you similar results. Albeit, the lamp won’t looks as beautiful as the LivingColors, but it will cost you a lot less.

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Philips Fidelio iPhone and iPod Dock Looks Curvy and Chic

I have to say that this iPhone/iPod dock from Philips does look pretty good. The overall look is pretty minimal and it will look good in a number of different types of decor.


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Patrick Norguet’s Minimal ‘Plain Air’ Air Purifier

Although this might seem like a concept, it isn’t. This interesting-looking air purifier will filter germs and other unwanted particles in the air to make you breathe easier. What’s really great is the overall design of this air purifier. It’s quite unique and unobtrusive.

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Philips’ EnduraLED Light Bulb Will Save $120 Over Its Life

Philips just released the details of its new energy efficient light bulb, which will work as a replacement bulb to traditional bulbs. It’s slightly more energy efficient than some of its competitors, but is the higher price worth it in the long run?

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New Philips LivingColors Second Generation Lamp

Philips has announced the upcoming release of the second generation of the extremely popular LivingColors lamp. It’s going to be awesome to create new moods in your rooms.

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Philips Aurea: 250 LEDs to Create Better Ambient Lighting

090409_rg_aureaHDTV_01.jpgWhen the first generation of Aurea HDTVs was released by Philips in 2007, they cost almost $7,000. Sure, LCD backlight bleed is a problem, but that problem wasn’t worth spending that much money to resolve it.

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