5 Ways Smartphones Change Lives

phone33012.jpgLast week, after having had the same phone for the last few years, I went to a local mobile carrier and purchased a brand new iPhone 4S. This is my first smartphone and here are the ways that it has changed my life.


iSnugg iPad & Tablet Cases: Affordable Handmade Goodness

Technabob reader Carter Grey was reading about those fancy Hard Graft iPad cases I mentioned a few days ago and pointed out some more reasonably priced and stylish fabric cases (which she happens to make herself). Her iSnugg cases are handmade and look quite cool.

isnugg carter gray cases iphone ipod ipad tablet

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Softbank’s Ultra Simple Single-Button Phone

This new cell phone from Japan’s Softbank and ZTE is more of a security device than anything else. It’s kind of like a one-button panic alarm that’s wired into a cell phone. Apparently it’s designed for preschoolers and seniors.

softbank japan one button phone kids elderly preschoolers

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Pioneer’s Cool Cordless Phone for People Who Still Have a Landline…. in Japan

Ah, landlines! Do they still exist? I thought we were in the future already. Well, people might still think that they have landlines, but a lot of users are now happy with their cellphones and VOIP handsets offered by Internet and cable companies instead of Ma Bell.


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Softbank Will Release Glasses-Free 3D Smartphones: Do You Care?

So Softbank just unveiled these new smartphones destined for the Japanese market that work in 3D and don’t require any 3D glasses. Do you still care? I probably don’t, but I’ll tell you about them anyway.

softbank 3d glasses japan smartphone

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Facebook Android Phones: Will You Buy One? Probably Not

The Internet has been filled with rumors of Facebook working on their own mobile phones. Am I excited? Not really. I doubt that they’ll come up with anything novel. Still, it remains to be seen what the 4.9-billion-dollar man, Mark Zuckerberg, has up his platinum and diamond-encrusted sleeves.

facebook inq mobile cell phone app social networking

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The Striking New Bang & Olufsen BeoCom Does VOIP

102109_rg_beocom_01.jpgIt’s always nice to see that everyone is updating their new products, especially Bang & Olufsen. The Danish company has always been known for their incredible-looking devices. This new one is no exception.

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A Phreaker Gone Bad

An incredible story how a tubby blind kid became one of the country’s best phreakers. He was given chances to stop, as he was a minor, but couldn’t. Battered and abused by his peers, he sought comfort in chat lines and doled out the same treatment to others. He was found guilty and given a 11-year sentence at the age of 18.

Colorware: The Way to Make Your Gadgets Unique

071609_rg_colorware_01.jpgIf you are looking for a distinctive way of decoration your new gadget, look no further. Colorware will customize your new toy and make it look extraordinary. It will be unique. We doubt that anyone near you will have used this store to personalize their technology. What’s great about it? They will take your phones, laptops, audio video systems and color them in amazing colors.

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Philips Xenium Flip Phone: The Best of Both Worlds?

031109_rg_philipsxenium_01.jpgWhen I first started using cell phones, I always enjoyed the clamshell or flip format. I found these types of phones very useful and cool because you could answer and end a call just by opening the flip. I never really liked the candybar form factor. That is until SonyEricsson released their Cybershot line of phones, which could easily double as a point-and-shoot camera. Currently, the model that most manufacturers try to emulate is the iPhone. None have been very successful. You either end up with an iPhone clone or a Crackberry-like device. Philips is trying to revive the flip phone format. Was this revival successful?

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