January 1 2008

I’ve seen people start these projects all over the place. I’ve thinking about starting one myself. Here it goes.

I call this 366photos.

2008 is a leap year. There are 366 days in this year. I plan on taking a photo a day and posting it on my blog. I’m lucky enough to have taken photos every day this year already, so going back through my archives isn’t a big deal. But I expect it to be a challenge, since a year is a long time.

I’m also going to be jetting around. I’m leaving for Quebec, Canada this Tuesday for a few months. I’ll be back in April. Then at the end of June, my wife and I will go to her sister’s wedding in BC, Canada. In August, I plan on accompanying my wife to Osaka, Japan, on an education conference. We might go to either Laos or Cambodia before the start of the fall semester.

Anyways, I’ll be travelling a lot more than last year, if you exclude my visa trips to Hong Kong. Someone suggested that I get some reward cards from the air lines that I will travel with. That’s a pretty good idea.

So this is the first photo of 366.


Rob Solo @ Hips

For my wife’s birthday in June 2007, I took her out to see Rob Solo at a Latin bar called Hips in Taipei. Rob Solo is an Ottawa DJ we both know. He moved to Kaoshiung a few years ago. I was surprised to find him here.


All photos taken on the 7th of June 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200VR lens. I used a tripod and a SB800 speedlight for some shots.


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Reflection Of Sogo In Hsinchu In Car Window

Sogo Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 株式会社そごう; Traditional Chinese: 崇光百貨有限公司) is a department store chain that operates an extensive network of branches in Japan. It once owned stores in locations as diverse as Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore, London, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok, but most of these international branches are now operated by independent franchises.

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Thailand Wat Phra Kaew – Initial Shots

Well, I’ve started going through my archives. For some reason, Zooomr has trouble with the tag words that I added to my photos. Bear in mind that I have 10234 photos uploaded and since they went into Mark III, searching through my photos is tedious at best.

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Nightshot Of Banqiao

Interesting shot I took, but the framing could be better. Still, when I saw Trey Ratcliff’s shots of Asian cities, I was reminded of this one.

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