iPhone Carabiner Clip Lets You Hang Your Phone Anywhere

If you’re the kind of iPhoneographer or Instagramer that always needs quick access to their iPhone while on the go, then the iPhone Carabiner Clip might do the trick. It’s made in Japan by Poddities.

poddities iphone carabiner clip 01

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Photojojo iPhone Rangefinder Case: For Real iPhoneotagraphers

There’s no doubt that the iPhone will continue to eat into the point-and-shoot camera market segment, just because it simply takes decent photos and you probably already have it on your pretty much anywhere you go. The iPhone Rangefinder case from Photojojo takes it to the next level, thanks to the shutter button and other features.

iphone rangefinder case photojojo

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iPhone Lens Wallet: for Serious iPhonetographers

As more and more people ditch their point-and-shoot cameras in favor of their iPhones, it becomes necessary to find a way to lug around all those add-on lenses that you’ve got. Check out Photojojo’s iPhone Lens Wallet, which lets you carry them around easily enough, without cramping your style.

iphone lens wallet 01

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Macro Cell Lens Band Lets Your Smartphone Get Up Close and Personal

I’ve never been one to add gizmos to my smartphone, but this handy little macro lens band does make a lot of sense, especially if you are using your cell phone to take a lot of close-ups. The added benefit is that it doesn’t cost much, but looks effective.

macro lens iphone band cell photojojo

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iPhone Lens Dial Case: Ugly and Expensive, Still Cool for iPhone Camera Addicts

If you thought that the Holga Lens Filters were cool, but not enough, then you’ll probably like this lens dial, which comes with three even bigger lenses that should help you to take even better photos with your iPhone.

iphone 4 4s lens dial photojojo attachment photo camera

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iPhone 4 DSLR Lens Mount: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Yep, I know all about how popular the iPhone has become to snap everyday photos. Now you can take it to the next level by getting this iPhone 4 lens mount, which will allow you to mount your favorite Canon or Nikon DSLR lenses onto your precious iPhone.

dslr lens mount canon nikon iphone 4 photojojo

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iPhone Photojojo Telephoto Lens Lets You Zoom Way In On the Action

While the last iPhone telephoto lens that we featured didn’t look too portable, this one sure does. Also, it’s not that expensive. At $35 (USD), you can definitely check it out without feeling too much pain in your wallet.


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