Andy Rash’s Pixelated Star Wars Characters: A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy 8-Bits Away

What is it about pixel art that’s so cool? I don’t know, but I definitely enjoy looking at these Star Wars characters that Andy Rash made. They are very pixelated and look great, no matter what the magnification.

and rash star wars pixel art characters

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Futurama and the Simpsons Characters: 3 Pixels Each

While I had to take off my glasses to be able to see the resemblance, once you see it it’s uncanny! It was definitely important to get the colors right on each of these 3 pixels, as that’s not a lot to be able to identify a character.

futurama 3 pixels the simpsons characters

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5 & 6 DPI Glasses: Pixelate Your Vision

Attention all hipsters and retro gamers, check out these crazy new specs from Samal Design. Yes, they are actually designed so that they look like they were rendered in super-low 5 dpi and in 6 dpi resolutions. Now that’s pretty cool.

samal retro glasses 5dpi 6dpi pixellated

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