Pitcher Plant’s Ingenious Way of Trapping Ants

Pitcher Plant's Ingenious Ways of Trapping Ants

The carnivorous pitcher plant lures insects to their doom with drops of nectar. South American pitcher plants have developed an ingenious insect-trapping mechanism to keep insects from escaping their grasp.

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An Invasive Grass Species Spreads Wildfires Quicker


New research indicates that an invasive species of grass is making wildfires in the western USA larger, hotter and more frequent. A variety of grasses called cheatgrass dries out quickly, and burns more rapidly that other vegetation.

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Roots Show Similar Growth Patterns in Space


Long periods in space can be detrimental to human biology, but it wasn’t exactly known how the lack of gravity affected plants. A new study suggests that space doesn’t seem to affect certain aspects of root growth.

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Inherent Complexity of the Wheat Genome


An international team has produced a rough draft of wheat’s DNA sequence. The draft identifies many of its genes and makes it possible to identify thousands of potential genetic changes that could improve this crop. It’s been long considered one of the most important crop genomes.

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Climate Change Affects Australian Shrub


While some mass media outlets are dismissing the obvious global climate change, nature isn’t. The hopbush (Dodonaea viscosa), the subspecies angustissima in South Australia, has lost width in its leaves by more than 2mm in the past 127 years, which is a 40% decrease.

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The CD Spindle Case Terrarium Atomic Shrimp

CD and DVD spindle cases can be reused in a variety or purposes, but this is the first time I’ve seen them reused as a terrarium. With only a few steps you can make your own small terrarium that will grow over a period of days.

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Using Snow to Water Your Indoor Plants in Winter

020111_rg_SnowForWater_01.jpgIf you have a lot of plants or if you’re planning on starting some a seeds on some DIY shelves, we’ve found that using some of that snow that’s been accumulating so much outside works great to water our plants. The only thing that’s needed is a way to thaw the snow into water.

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A Green Touch: Homeier Flora Air Cleaning Center Hood


There’s definitely something beautiful about using a traditional appliance to grow some plants inside your home. That’s the purpose of the Homeier Flora Air Cleaning Center, a luxury hood that comes with a bunch of LEDs to help grow your veg.

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IKEA Seed Starting Shelving: Start Gardening Early! Ikeahacker


If you don’t have much space to dedicate to seed starting, and you are a prolific gardener, then hacking some IKEA shelves to do the job is an easy way of getting things green. These started seeds can then be transplanted into your garden. It’s also a nice way to start the gardening year, especially if you’re currently living with a lot of snow!

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Replacing Air Purifiers With Household Plants

Since the air in our cities is becoming more and more polluted, a lot of families have been purchasing air purifiers in order to clean up the air inside their homes. While air purifiers are sometimes needed for health reasons, most of us can just hack those air purifiers and use plants instead.

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