Sony S5100 Blu-Ray Player: Don’t Cut Yourself on Those Sharp Angles!

I know of many people these days who use their PS3 gaming consoles as their main Blu-ray player, but this new standalone player from Sony looks pretty cool too.

Eschewing the curvaceous lines of the PS3, the Sony S5100 Blu-ray Player has a sleek angular design.

sony s5100 blu ray player

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Sony NWZ-W273 Waterproof Walkman Lets You Swim with Your Tunes

If I didn’t have my music when I was running, I probably would have trouble with boredom and motivation, especially because I usually run by myself. So I can imagine the same holds true for any sort of distance swimming. Swimmers rejoice and check out Sony’s new sports MP3 player, that’s completely waterproof.

sony waterproof nwz z27 music player

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FYLM Foldable Speaker: Ultimate Portability

Speakers come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but this is one of the first that I’ve seen that completely folds down flat, making it extremely portable, especially if that’s the kind of thing you need to share your tunes. FYLM is the perfect size to fit in a bag or notebook and it won’t take up much space.

flym fold flat portable speaker

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Spherical Sony Circle Sound Speakers: Omnidirectional Sound or Bowling Ball?

The Sony Circle Sound speaker is supposed to deliver 360-degree sound from a single speaker. The compact, spherical units were revealed at the IFA2011 fair and there are two models to choose from: the SRS-BTV25 and RDP-V20iP.


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Brando USB Cassette Capture & Player: Go Back in Time and Check Out Those Old 80s Mixtapes

I’m not sure that I kept any of my cassettes (since most of them were in storage for a few years), but if you love retro stuff and you still have your old tapes, check out this USB Cassette Capture and Player.

It will play your cassettes and easily convert them into digital files, thanks to its USB connection.


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Plug & Player: The MP3 Player That’s a Plug

It’s true that MP3 players are getting smaller and smaller, so I suppose this is one of the reasons why Korean designer Giha Woo decided that a proper MP3 player could easily fit into its own charging plug.

giha woo plug and player mp3 concept design audio

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Audiobot Speaker Wears Ski Hat to Keep Its Sounds Nice, Warm and Muffled

If you’re at the point that you need your computer accessories to get dressed up, then you’ve got a problem. Sure I like hats, but putting one on a USB speakers seems slightly strange to me.


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Dadahack’s TAP3 Is A Great Cassette Tape MP3 Player

We really love cassette tapes. They hearken back to mixed tapes and when music was still plainly analog. However, with iPods, iTunes, and MP3s, it’s hard to remind ourselves how things were before we downloaded music onto our MP3 players. TAP3 is a neat-looking MP3 player that’s got a bunch of different uses.

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Origami Mp3 Player Lets You Fold ‘n Play Your Tunes

This new mp3 player concept lets you play with its shape in order to come up with the icons that you need in order to control your music. It’s called the Play Mp3 Player.

play mp3 player origami design concept mobile

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Mu Space Plays Music In Your Pillow

If you have trouble getting to sleep, we’ve found that there’s nothing better to help you along than a hot cup of herbal tea and some nice, relaxing music. Ask anyone who listens to music in their bed, headphones can get quite uncomfortable after a while, and don’t allow a full range of motion. That’s where Mu Space comes in.

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