Starbucks Coffee Cell Phone Plug


There are plenty of ways to customize your cell phone, but adding an audio jack dust plug is an easy and affordable way to do so. The Starbucks Coffee Cell Phone Plug is perfect for all coffee lovers. The little phone plug looks like a diminutive Starbucks mug, allowing coffee lovers to showcase their need of java.

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Urbanears Turncable Headphones: Always the Right Plug

While I have to say that I’m initially intrigued when I see loud and glaringly-designed headphones, once you get past the look, you need to focus on the sound. That being said, Urbanears‘ headphones have always used nice color palettes and designs, standing out from the crowd of mostly black headphones that are all too common. Urbanears most recent creation is the their new Turncable design.

urbanears turncable 01

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American Standards Lamp Has Its Own Wall Switch and Outlet

Peter Bristol’s minimal American Standards Lamp has its own walls switch built right in. The light switch is fully-functional, so you just flick it when you want some light.

peter bristol american standard lamp light fun strange switch

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DreamPlug: Tiny Linux Computer That Looks Like A Power Plug

Wouldn’t you want a teeny tiny computer with no video card? Well if you do, then you can be very happy because the DreamPlug will start shipping later this month. The DreamPlug is a small computer that almost looks like a power plug.

dreamplug plug computer tiny web server computing

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