Brotherhood S02E01 (Showtime)

Declan is in a bad place after beating the shit out of Michael at the end of last season. He told his wife his crimes and she left him. He has been on pills and drugs ever since. Even Moe is trying to help him, but all he gets is some attitude.

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Brotherhood S01E11 (Showtime)

It’s the season finale of the first season of Brotherhood. I was a bit behind, but enjoyed catching up with the show in the last week.

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Brotherhood S01E10 (Showtime)

It’s been more than a year since my last Brotherhood post. I stopped following the show when I moved to Taiwan. The same thing happened to Prison Break. I still enjoyed watching it, but like I mentioned before, for some shows, you need to be in a certain mood. I finally started watching the series again. This is after the two first episodes of the second season were leaked on the internet back in July.

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