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  • Philips SoundShooter: Barrel Full of Bluetooth

    Bluetooth speakers are great to share your tunes with your friends, and they are really useful in your home, to listen to music, shows, and podcasts without worrying about wires. Read more @ Technabob

  • SanDisk Cruzer Orbit Runs Circles Around Other Flash Drives

    Flash drives are useful, and I always keep one on me in case I need to transfer files, but they are getting so tiny these days that they are easy to lose. I’ve probably lost about four myself, just because they were so small. This flash drive uses a simple system so that you won’t…

  • Urchin Bluetooth Speaker is Ready for Anything

    I used to think that Bluetooth speakers were pretty superfluous, until someone gave me one. From then on, I’ve used one almost every day. The Urchin is a rugged new Bluetooth speaker and features interchangeable silicone skins, giving it a distinctive look. Read more @ Technabob

  • Belkin FastFit iPad Mini Keyboard Case

    If you’ve been wanting to GTD on your iPad Mini, but lacked a dedicated keyboard, then the Belkin FastFit Keyboard Case might soon ease your woes. The FastFit is supposed to be the lightest and thinnest keyboard case around. Read more @ GeekAlerts

  • Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heaters

    When temperatures are plummeting and you don’t have a fireplace, and there’s the possibility of a power failure, then indoor-safe propane heaters are a good alternative way to heat up your home. The Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heaters will provide hours of safe heat during your next emergency and they will also allow you to…

  • MOVEO Electric Scooter: Pack It up, No Parking Necessary

    Parking a car can be a real hassle in big cities, and there are plenty of reasons why I drive a scooter: parking is free and it’s no problem. That being said, I can already imaging people toting around this foldable, electric scooter to go where they need to, completely eliminating the need for parking.…

  • Yamaha Music Monitor NS-10M USB Flash Drive

    Alkota Beats’ Yamaha Music Monitor NS-10M USB Flash Drive will give you the industry standard monitor in your palm, or at least a replica of it. The USB flash drive won’t play any music, but it sure looks like a unique flash drive. Read more @ GeekAlerts

  • Nixon Blaster Bluetooth Speaker Will Outlast The Last of Your Partygoers

    There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers, but finding one that lasts more than 10 hours is a rarity. Nixon’s first Bluetooth speaker is supposed to have 18 hours of autonomy on a single charge. Now that’s long, and it will keep the music playing late into the night. Read more @ Technabob

  • Piamo Microwave Espresso Maker

    It usually takes more than 30 seconds to brew an espresso, but the Piamo will allow anyone to make a good espresso in about 30 seconds. The device consists of a cup, water chamber, filter inlay and filter cap. Read more @ GeekAlerts

  • South Park Kenny USB Flash Drive

    If you love South Park, then this is the USB flash drive for you. The South Park Kenny USB Flash Drive allows you to pop off Kenny’s head each time you need to use it. It’s definitely something that could happen in South Park the TV show. Read more @ GeekAlerts